Sunday, August 9, 2015

Keep Standing by Denise Chand

As spirit-filled, born-again Believers, we have (or should have) enormous faith to ride any tidal wave that comes our way to rock and/or upturn our boat. The measure of faith we exhibit will determine whether we’ll sink or keep above waters. Life-storms will cause people of faith to be shaken, even bruised, but not destroyed. In our book, Single and Hating It, we show the struggles (authentic challenges) the two characters, Liya and Zenia, have battled through in order not to sink and be destroyed. Is there a formulaic approach in getting through life-storms? We most definitely believe so. The Bible! As detailed in our book, we reveal the Word of God for daily living—and we all know daily living doesn’t mean always living with sunshine and daisies from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. Life happens and it happens to all of us. Yes folks, it’s a fact…life happens to even Believers. But it’s all about how we respond, or react, to when $@#! happens (Oh oh, did I say the “s” word…yes, I did. Honestly, when all hell is breaking loose, myrrh doesn’t always spew out of my mouth!).

This same faith we’re to exhibit for daily living we’re also to apply when believing God for a Godmate. In our book, we see Liya and Zenia being transparent with their inner battles—and often times when the pain would pierce through to the core of their souls they didn’t have a holier-than-thou approach towards their situation. They didn’t create a façade of living in the clouds, or living daily in sunshine with daisies. They’re straight-up real! We see their faith being challenged; we see temptation luring its head in their situations; we see temper tantrums before God; we see cat-fights and betrayal between the two where their friendship is challenged—we see life happening to each of them, and just because they’re born-again, spirit-filled Christians, it doesn’t exempt them from experiencing life-storms. They’re not given amnesty! If we’re honest with ourselves, we can relate to Liya and Zenia. We can identify with their situations and even how they’ve reacted and responded.

Waiting for a Godmate can be tiresome, where we question if it’ll ever happen. Some of us have even surmise that it isn’t meant to be and have allowed the candle of hope to burn out. Understandably so, we’ve all been there or are presently there. But we can’t park and build a tent there. We’ve all had our share of experiences, some more challenging than others, but in spite of it all we’re still standing—praise God. As Believers, we know there’s a purpose and plan for our lives. Therefore, we can’t allow anything or anyone to hold us back or down. We can’t entertain doubt. A failed relationship and/or being still single and waiting doesn’t make us failures or cursed. Liya and Zenia fought with every fiber of their being, and pushed to have the God-kind of faith to keep hope alive. Hope is what keeps us moving beyond the disappointments we’ve had in our lives. As Liya and Zenia did, we too must find a scripture (or scriptures) to be our anchor for when the tidal waves come.

We’re standing with you in faith and agreement for a Godmate!

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