Tuesday, October 25, 2011

GOD-GIVEN DREAMS – Dare to Dream!

I believe God has placed dreams inside each and every one of us. God-given dreams! God-given dreams won’t go away. Time may pass but you can’t let them go. God-given dreams will never let YOU go! We must believe in our dreams and in so doing we go forth with a relentless pursuit to see them realized.

We can’t become discouraged in this pursuit of keeping our dreams alive. Age is not a factor; situation, circumstances, lifestyle are not factors. They’re just excuses…because of fear of failure. Don’t kill those dreams. We must keep our God-given dreams alive and not make the grave a wealthy place by having those dreams die with us without having them realized.

Our will turns thoughts into reality. Fear is the enemy of our will. When we’re consumed with fear we cannot act. Fear is ugly and has the ability to paralyze us, but we have the ability to overcome fear and not be paralyzed by it.

You were chosen to carry and birth that God-given dream. Yes You! You may not see it, but our Creator sees your potential, your abilities, gifts and talents. If the Creator of the universe has chosen you - you didn’t chose Him but He chose you - that you might go and bear fruit and keep on bearing, and that your fruit may be lasting, then know you’re not ordinary, you have greatness within and is destined to be great. You must see yourself the way God sees you; describe yourself according to the Word of God, then and only then you’ll see your greatness, your potential and ability to birth that God-given dream placed inside you!

Anything you can see in your mind you can create, you just have to be focused, determined and have a relentless spirit. On this journey to discovering your greatness, many may walk with you and may only see your greatness at that junction and not at the mountain top where you’re heading, don’t be discouraged. Like water off a duck’s back, let it roll off as you mount to make your rapid flight.

To everything there’s a season and it’s the season of productivity. DREAM, and keep dreaming, and continue dreaming, and dream some more, and dare to dream even more! Why? Because anything is possible!

I write this Blog from a place of experience, a place where naysayers didn’t have to speak or act but their silence spoke louder than words, a place where many refused to lend a helping hand, an encouraging word, a place when many would see a light shine from what they perceived to be your dark tunnel, because they haven’t seen your rise as yet, only to enquire out of curiosity and not happiness for you, a place where you feel alone in a crowded room or forum…but a relentless spirit smiles, spreads his or her wings wide, looks up and flies high!

Enjoy these two videos exemplifying a light shining from within the dark tunnel, as we gear up to birth our God-given dreams!



Dare to Dream,

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