Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Let The Training Begin By Denise Chand

I was recently, without warning, thrust (apprehended) into a long awaited training on “being completely led by my spirit” on a full-time basis, and quieting my senses which can trigger an emotional reaction. I’m an emotional being and when I feel a pinch against my flesh, I automatically kick into a “reaction” mode rather than a “responding” mode. As Christians we must be completely led by the Spirit at all times, and not just on a part-time basis which I was doing, and to do so we must train ourselves for such a leading – such training consists of a conscious decision that requires extreme discipline every nanosecond of our waking hours. As we all very well know, Christianity is divinity in humanity, whereby faith is a lifestyle; enabling us to effect changes to our worlds through faith-filled words. Therefore, it’s a must that we’re completely led by the Spirit – the leading, the prompting, the guidance of the Holy Spirit who resides in us. I certainly know what it means to be a New Creation and what is required to live an effective and glorious life, but – here comes the inevitable infamous “but”- it truly takes discipline and a consciousness to quiet the senses and not react when the elements of life come against you, causing emotions to collide, where your emotions can feel like steel beating against you, igniting raging thoughts and causing unpleasant effects to the body.

“God, why have you forsaken me again?”

would be my plea to God when I felt the hurt and pain in my soul. The next day I’d wake up with swollen eyes, barely able to see the opened slits camouflaged under layers of eyeliner and mascara guising any evidence that I’ve had a “rough night”.

The gift (the Holy Spirit) in me should be fully utilized, which has been given to me for my good so that I can live a victorious life. Why then was I (and many others) not doing what I should be doing in order to fully utilize this precious gift? My very own senses will deceive me; will lead me astray; distract me; delay me; cause me undue anguish – the list is endless. But being completely led by the Spirit will cause me nothing but a life of victory, unshakeable peace and success – giving me divine understanding and wisdom into any situation, and therefore causing me to respond according to the leading of the Spirit, rather than react with out-of-control emotions.

It’s extremely exhausting being led by our senses. It’s liberating being completely led by the Spirit.

Now that we’ve concluded this to be true, how on earth does someone, who has been trained for all their life to embrace their emotions and follow their “feelings” (a.k.a. instincts), begin quieting their senses in order to keep their equilibrium in balance and not be blindsided by anyone or anything, to now walk in the consciousness of the Spirit at all times and in every situation? The benefit is rewarding, but the training takes a deliberate effort. The result is rewarding – it will surely spare us from many heart aches (in every aspect of life).

However, to say the least, it’s challenging. It means quieting the “flesh” when it wants to rise up against a certain situation or someone. It takes a consciousness to listen to your spirit when someone has, without warning, betrayed you to not react with colliding emotions, but to allow the Spirit to reveal the truth to you about that person and why he/she has done what they have done. It takes a consciousness to listen to your spirit when your boss praises another co-worker for work you have done on a file, and not allow offense to set in. The key in being trained to be led completely by the Spirit is “consciousness”; it takes a conscious effort, a deliberate act to walk in that consciousness. To do so, we must study the Word of God, mediate on the Word, set our gaze on the Word - the Holy Spirit will use the voice of God’s Word to communicate to us as well as guide and instruct us through our human spirit.

As mentioned above about being thrust into this training, it happened when a friend, without warning, betrayed me, deceived me. I was blindsided by this act of betrayal/deception. The dagger came flying out of left field and pierced my heart. How did I not anticipate this evil act? The Spirit tells me all things, so how did I not recognize the warning signs from the Spirit? How was I blindsided by this person when I’m a spirit-filled believer? The answer is simple – I wasn’t fully trained in being completely led by the Spirit to anticipate evil. My spirit immediately took control, not giving my senses an opportunity to react. If it hadn’t, I would have been extremely broken. The Holy Spirit then began to minister to me through a ministry message on how to be completely led by the Spirit. I then chose to make a conscious decision to not allow myself to meditate on this hideous act of betrayal, but rather listen to my spirit – I say it again, it takes discipline, a consciousness. To my amazement, I have a placid feeling within. I’m not angry at this person, though I’m hurt but neither broken nor withdrawn. I vehemently refuse to think about the betrayal or the friend, and when unwanted thoughts try to penetrate my mind I immediately begin to pray.

I decided that I’ll use this situation for training!

In so doing, the Holy Spirit has revealed to me why this person has done what she has done; revealing the nature of her true character and the roots of those characteristics. Sure, I have questions (many questions) but I refuse to meditate on them. Instead, I bring these valid questions (which I’m not discounting in any way) to the Holy Spirit. I know He’ll give me the answers. I cannot live in darkness – I was brought out of darkness into His marvelous light.

I must say that I’m very proud of myself. I’m stronger today than I was yesterday in being completely led by the Spirit and not by my senses. I’m calmer with an unshakeable peace resounding in me. There’s a quietness within me where I’m able to recognize His leading, which is enabling me to be open 24/7 to hear from Him. The benefit of such training (which is a daily process) is for my future in fulfilling my God-given purpose (be it in a relationship, friendships, business opportunities, family, etc…). There’s no limit to God’s purpose of being completely led by His Spirit.

If you’re already functioning in this capacity, congratulations! If you’re not and your emotions seem to always send you into a whirlwind, don’t be discouraged or beat yourself down. Do exactly what I’ve done, start your training now – one day at a time, one step at a time!

God Bless,


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