Friday, January 21, 2011

2011 - Dare To Dream by Denise Chand

We’re already 3 weeks into the new year and I’m 100% certain that most of us have made “new year resolutions” or have received “prophesy for the new year”. Year after year I often hear of such resolutions and prophesies for the new year. I see people with their “rollerblades” on ready to fulfill these self-inflicted, “needing immediate attention” promises, and by the third month they run out of steam.

We all know the following scenario too well: At the start of every year, it never fails, an influx of people race for the gym, where you (the 24/7/365 faithful committed gym-goer) can’t find locker space. The locker space is the least of my concern because I can always pack my clothes in my gym bag and leave it in the changing room…the problem is finding a free treadmill or elliptical machine! You have to become a scavenger, lingering in the hopes that someone will finish their time on the machine so you too can get your calorie count under control. Usually these machines have a 30-minute limit, but these “determined and relentless part-time goal seekers” will press the start button and off they go again for another 30 minutes, leaving you standing there with a “you’ve got to be joking” expression on your face. And we all know we only see these individuals once a year – the beginning of the new year and by February/March they disappear.

All jokes aside, we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – that’s insanity! We can’t become faint in what we’ve set out to do at the start of the year and become weary when the climb seems endless or abortive. As Martin Luther King Jr. rightfully said,

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase”.
My Friends, the whole staircase is that vision, that dream, that desire which lives inside you – the very reason which has propelled you to put action to your plan in the first place. We have to be proactive, not only at the beginning but all the way through until we see the fruits of our labour. Trust me I know it’s challenging – but we must be relentless about the changes we’re desiring.

Don’t allow another day to pass by without being proactive. It doesn’t matter if you have a full-time job (or whatever your circumstances may be), find the time to put your hands to that plan you desire to accomplish this year – JUST DO IT!

Why am I blogging on this? Because I’ve waited (passively) for years to see my dreams come to fruition, when all along my dreams were waiting for me to bring them to fruition! I had become tired in my waiting, where the visions had become blurred. Fear would try to creep in chanting
“It’s too late, it will never happen, you’re wasting your time, where you are right now will be your end all be all”.
But my relentless spirit refused to open the door to fear, though I would hear the whispers outside the door. I’ve seen friends and family become discouraged and some have even given up…they were weary, exhausted and lost hope. For this reason, my friend and business partner (Jennifer) and I started a challenge on our Today’s Woman Talk Show Facebook page “The Today’s Woman Challenge – Be Proactive!”

We must be proactive in taking action in 2011.

The Challenge: What is it that you desire to achieve this year? What change have you been waiting for? What dreams, ideas, plans have you let go of because you thought it was too late, that it may never happen? It just might be that God has been waiting on you to do something. I’m challenging you to abandon every past perceived failure - be brave, be bold, get moving, be proactive ...and step out in this 2011. Let every second, every minute and every hour of the day be a time of action for you.

I encourage you to be creative and innovative. As a child of God you have been given a supernatural advantage which is the Holy Spirit. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit you can achieve ANYTHING. You have the ability within you to change. Begin new and better ways of doing what you do or launch into something completely new. Let 2011 be a year filled with greater achievements. Create an action plan and put it to work. The ability to achieve success is within you. Have a "Just Do It" mentality!

Start now and just make it happen. Why? Because God has given you dreams and desires and it would be unfortunate to allow them to remain dormant. I’ve come to realize there’s no such thing as a foolish or stupid idea. Find a need and meet it – you want to sell flowers, JUST DO IT!

My Friends, the choice is yours!


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